How To Identify Original Moncler Jackets and The Fake Ones

How To Identify Original Moncler Jackets and The Fake Ones – So, who can resist the luxury of Moncler Jackets? This is one of the most luxurious brands in the world that everybody is craving for it. This is why many sellers fake it and when you ask them its authenticity, of course, they will tell you it is 100% Authentic! The thing is you cannot easily differentiate it because all fake Moncler jackets have all the necessary features from the Lampo zippers and the authenticity tags. So, to help you identify it, here are some tips you can use.

Logo – The first feature you need to identify is the logo. It is so easy to duplicate it and the ugly truth is it is so accurate. However, of course, there is one thing that differentiates a fake Moncler or not. The original has the symmetrical cut and with a neat embroidered letters.

Meanwhile, the fake Moncler is made of different locations so it has no consistency. Even the color of the logo is not consistent.

Authenticity Tags – All Moncler products have authenticity tags either a QR code or certilogo. If you don’t find this authenticity tags, then the seller tells you there are certain regulations in reselling region this is a lie. Don’t believe them!

Moncler since 2013, in fact, include a hologram QR code in each product. Last 2016, the company renew the QR code tag so keep in mind you always look at it. The tag is made of satin with Moncler adhered to it. Before the QR code is so small so it is not easy to notice it.

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However, you cannot rely on the QR code because many fake Moncler can imitate it. Moncler made a mistake for stopping the Certiligo tags. This company will help to track the codes where it is checked and how often.

Online Shopping – With the increase of internet, online shopping is growing rapidly. Therefore it is easy to find Moncler Jackets everywhere. But of course, not all of them are authentic. Some people claim it is a second-hand product and they want to sell it. But never trust this, even though they sell it cheaper.

So, the only way to get the original product from Moncler is only visiting their official websites. Don’t trust any other website or reseller outside of their official website.

Besides, keep in mind that some Moncler products are limited and will be available in certain seasons.